Saturday, 16 July 2011

Psychedelic Speed Freaks

You're travelling into outer space whether you like it or not, feeble humanoids!  Courtesy of Japan's foremost and most forcible cosmic brain-transplant specialists: High Rise!  Just to prove that their speaker shredding shenanigans were no studio constructed sneakery..  They released this massively blown out barnstormer of a live record back in '99..  My benumbed brain has been slowly liquefying and bleeding out my eardrums in gratitude ever since!  This truly titanic power trio sound like a screaming psychedelic crack baby monster..  The bastard mutant spawn of early Blue Cheer and the MC5.  Abandoned in late 70's Tokyo's neon gutters, left to suck up the slop of the punk, noise and free jazz scenes for sustenance..  Shitting out technicolour streams of oblique information like an LSD excreting leviathan on a universe levelling rampage!  Taking the towering wall of amps and simplistic sonic bonecrushing of the former..  Mixed with the free jazz inspirations and guitar explorations of the latter.  Inspiring them to new heights of highly illogical yet always entertainingly visceral conclusions.  Bassist / vocalist Asahito Nanjo has been playing in numerous groups since the late seventies..  Starting up High Rise in '82 with the main man of guitar mangling Munehiro Narita..  Initially as Psychedelic Speed Freaks, but they ended up using that as the title of their first LP in '84 and changed over to their more urbane, urban inspired moniker.  This was recorded live in Paris, November '98 and released on Fractal Records.  Eight tracks of ear shattering enlightenment await..  Ya shouldn't need to turn this one up much..  (Hint: it's LOUD!)

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