Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Projections Of A Stained Mind

Another classic compilation here...  The 11 track 1991 'Projections Of A Stained Mind' LP on CBR (Chicken Brain Records) from Sweden.  There's a ripping pre 'Clandestine' version of 'Forsaken' by Entombed to start things off..  Then it's 'Carnage' one of the very few studio tracks Mayhem recorded with Dead on vox.  Primitive pre At The Gates shenanigans next with Grotesque..  Hear Therion rumble and blast away with the (surprising?) brutality they revelled in before they lost the plot and went all gothical like innit?  House Of Usher are the first of the lesser known (to me) bands, but they had no problems matching the intensity levels of their compilation mates in closing the first side..  Norway's Merciless open up side 2 with some gloomy rapid fire death thrash.  Then it's Unleashed with some doomy, dirty death metal ugliness.  Nirvana 2002 are another obscurer outfit, they recorded at Sunlight Studios and consequently have that classic crunch to their scorching track!  Chronic Decay I don't know too much about either, but they achieved the requisite levels of rawness and didn't stick round long enough to ever make a bad impression particularly..  Dismember kick out the crunching morbid jams next with some heavy Autopsy worshipping deathcrush..  Skull are the final bunch of brutalists and despite them being the label owners' band, they don't let the side down completely..  With their blend of crossover(ish) speed thrash and death metal rounding things up nicely..  'On A Mission In Blood' indeed!

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