Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Planned Community

Here's a real quick one for ya!  Capitalist Casualties' bite-sized follow up to the phenomenal 'Subdivisions In Ruin' LP..  It's the 'Planned Community' 6" EP released by Six Weeks Records back in 2000..  This is some lean 'n' mean stripped down fast hardcore.  Comin' at ya like a snarling, cracked up whippet!  Three tracks that feasibly demonstrate a band at the intuitive apex (to me!) of their most satisfyingly creative yet musically reductive period.  Before they came back to more familiar ground by again adding a considered complexity to their abrasive output.  All part of an ongoing bid to maintain their by now trademark near-overkill levels of impact.  Showcasing their casual stripped-down mastery of the fast hardcore form..  By structuring their successive tempo changes so as to unlock the maximum amount of intensity from the arrangements..  Which conversely consist of the bare minimum number of parts necessary to knock ya block off!  Lyrically articulating the hope-smothering homogeneity and inherent isolation of suburban small towns and their increasingly dispossessed and desperate denizens.  Enunciating the ennui engendered by a mind numbingly repetitive and drearily meaningless daily existence..  Giving voice to those hidden faces, howling with anguish and despair..  Cast down and cowering behind the gilded artificial facades..  Constructed to divert attention away from the various hollow mockeries that comprise the american dream..  This is the soundtrack to life and death in a plastic suburban hell..

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