Monday, 4 July 2011

Noise Not Music!

Let's delve into the ever inventive Japanese underground and see what we can come up with..  Here we go..  The 2003 'Vokusatsu Seisin Hatansha' LP from Tokyo's infamous 'n' innovative crasher crusties: Gloom!  Compiling early recordings spanning their two EP's, 'Speed Noise Hardcore Rags' and 'Recommendation Of Perdition' from approx 1994-97..  These tracks are even rawer and rougher round the edges than the previously released versions!  Presumed lost, then rediscovered at Jacky Crust War's 'Under Hair Home' (so it says here anyway)..  Twenty three sizzling slices of deranged distortion, splintering into synapse stabbing shards of nerve damaging noise..  But never fear: only two of them last longer than 2 mins!  Here's where the drug addled distorto dementia of Swankys and Confuse is distilled down to it's barbaric essence and injected with rabid effect into a patchwork body of stitched together Disorder, Doom and ENT influences..  Then left to run amok in the rehearsal room like an intoxicated brainless monster with a Sore Throat on a rampage.  Crazed, chaotic crust punk noise!  Despite all my incessant name dropping of inspirations, Gloom always retained an immediately recognisable sound of their own (de)construction throughout their time together.  Ultimately becoming more than a bit influential themselves in the process.  At least once the usual 'crustier than thou' hipster punks hype of their records started to do the rounds..

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