Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mouse Is A Biscuit

Here's yet another bunch of lovable Japanese lunatics..  It's the 2001 reissue of Melt Banana's first album from '94, 'Speak Squeak Creak'.  Re-released on the band's own A-Zap Records.  Bite sized technicolour sugar lumps of fragmented sonic shrapnel!  Brought over to the States by KK Null of Zeni Geva and captured mid-freakout by Steve Albini down in the basement somewhere in Chicago..  Holy fuck Meltman!  This is some bare bones Banana shit!  Especially compared to their later releases.. It sounds like the band are manically disassembling their songs with a crazed surgical precision..  Then excitedly re-stitching the isolated phrases back together to highlight whichever segment caught their attention the longest!  Caught with clarity, like the previous album posted by the Boredoms..  This one sounds like a live in the room job, with minimal overdubs or studio trickery etc..  In fact, just for a quick clumsy comparison..  This sounds a bit like listening to a Boredoms album with your finger on the fast-forward button!  But this time round, you get Albini's customary crystal clear approach to production.  Every instrument is perfectly balanced in the mix..  Also, like Yamatsuka Eye..  YaKo, with her rabid chipmunk-like delivery, is definitely an irrepressibly unique vocalist..  But seriously folks, lazy comparisons aside, Melt Banana always had their own sound..  Still do!  But particularly back then, I mean who the fuck else sounded like this in '94?  Oh yeah, the head-frying bonus track is all 24 other tracks playing at once..  Have fun!

Smell The Medicine

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