Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lust For Power

We've (hopefully!) had ourselves a blast with that Heresy flexi..  So now let's step back once again into the burgeoning chaos of the early to mid eighties UKHC scene..  With the band that would soon become our beloved thrash masters: Plasmid!  Their red raw 'n' (d)ripping '84 bedroom demo was thankfully pressed onto vinyl with a bonus track in 2006 by Short Fuse Records.  Thus preserving a while longer for us, the noise worshipping faithful, an important document of the intensity that was by then rapidly developing and already starting to overwhelm the underground scenes worldwide..  Earning themselves plenty of praise and wider recognition in the process of releasing this tape of four furious tracks into the global zine and tape trading network.  They're pushing the tempos onwards and upwards to the limits of their abilities, with the casual reckless urge to extremity of youth..  But definitely still leaning towards more of an accelerated 'chaos punk' aesthetic here to my ears: e.g. Disorder or Chaos UK..  Although Steve states that, 'fast UK bands such as Discharge, Antisect, Anti-System etc' were their primary influences on one of the inserts, 'but we wanted to be faster!'.  Of course..  Their anarcho punk and hardcore inspirations are present, intact and immediately audible..  Not to mention highly visible: check the photos included to confirm Reevsy's (Keith Richards-esque!) 'fully charged with a fringe' hair stylings!  Also not forgetting the sheer amount of inserts included, containing artwork collaged with information and (naive, yet enthusiastic!) opinions in the (sorry) 'Crassic' style..  Sigh..  Needless to say, lotsa scans with this 'un!  Don't be dissuaded by that though, please..  You don't have to read 'em all!


  1. Hey man! Thanks for posting this, unfortunately, the link is down. Any chance of reupping it??

  2. Yeah , please re-up this one. Be great to hear Plasmid again after all these years. THANKS!!!