Friday, 1 July 2011

Let The Past Be The Past

Ahh, beatdown hardcore..  Bunches of meat headed, high kickin' nitwits all 'pickin' up the change' and throwing it back down in the pit.  This ones's for real, yo..  Gotta step up to keep your rep up, y'know?  So, in that spirit and with one cynical eye on increasing my credibility on 'da street' (as I believe it's called)... Here's a 7" boot of the 25 Ta Life / Spazz split, released on blue vinyl with scratched out matrix numbers.  I picked it up sometime in 2003 at a show along with a couple of other boot EP's going cheap I think..  Fronted by the nugget of unintentional comedy gold that is Rick Ta Life, 25TL are one of those bands who are so wrong they become ridiculously good when they occasionally get it right... These 2 tracks are pure audio beefcake, with Rick barking like a constipated cretin and roid raging riffs that should have you flinging the furniture around like the gleeful bully you've always wanted to be...  Spazz bust out four tracks of their patented power violence madness in less than 3 1/2 mins on the other side.  Saying their discography was extensive is an understatement, so you know they had plenty of time to refine their formula!  Distilling the catchiest parts from grindcore, death metal and various strains of hardcore and serving them up with their wacky sense of humour..  Considering the constant harshness of their sound over the years it's surprising that they always came across as a bunch of clean cut, cuddly goofballs.  As opposed to the stereotypical anti social types with any number of anger management issues..  Whatever.  Just slap this on and go snap those stickboys or something...

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