Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Good Times Rollin'

Let's give your mind and ears another manic mauling shall we?  M'kay.  Here's an all Japanese exchange of extremity..  It's the Jellyroll Rockheads / Exclaim split EP released on 625 Thrashcore Records in 2001.  Those rockin' jellyheads in JR hit us first with their unique combination of garage rockin' Ramones-esque bop and utterly unhinged speedcore.  You'll be tapping your toes to a tuneful ditty one minute..  The next, they'll be whipping themselves up into a screaming hyperactive tantrum..  Worthy of an overly entitled toddler with a chronic coke problem!  Exclaim on the flipside of the frisbee could seemingly be dismissed as a wall of screaming noise..  You should know better by now!  Not round these parts..  Coming across like a deranged fastcore band rapidly approaching a crasher crust styled sense of noise destruction!  Served up with a reckless 'fuck it, let it rip dude' approach to the distort-o-rama production..  For a further novelty, each band plays a cover of the other (with a little lyrical re-writing).  Which serves only to further highlight the basic similarities present in both bands' approaches.  Big deal.  Another win / win situation from the land of the rising hum!

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