Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Forced Expression

Fourteen tracks of frantically finesse free powerviolence from this oft overlooked power trio...  It's Iowa's Forced Expression with their self titled 7" EP from '95 released by Reek Havoc Records.  I'm guessing these guys couldn't really decide who they wanted to be most at the time: Crossed Out or Spazz?  Undoubtedly marginalised by their regional isolation, nonetheless FE surely had a firm grasp on the only recently crystallised aesthetics of the powerviolence sound..  While they reveal wider sources of inspiration and more varied textures here than my simplistic summaries would imply, they definitely came off sounding more like the latterly mentioned group..  Probably because they were also a three piece who traded their vokills in a similarly amusing manner..  Maybe they did have a tendency here and there to (ape)shape their song structures in ways that are a bit too close to other powerviolence bands at times..  That's not really much of a complaint is it?  It's not like they dragged it out or anything..  Only 3 of the tunes last over a minute!  Downtuned raw blasting mayhem meets swinging sludge breakdowns..  They whipped themselves to the required heights with their whirlwind blasts of grind, then with fiendish timing they smacked down skull shattering anvils of heavy grooves..  Don't you wanna do the broken brained boogaloo too? 

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