Thursday, 21 July 2011


Another doomy little gem to darken your day, courtesy once again of Man's Ruin Records..  The Electric Wizard / Orange Goblin split hit the fanatics back in 1997.  The Wizard start us off subtly, with the sound of someone inhaling a bucket!  They then proceed to cough out an epic tribute to time travel in two movements..  The first half is firmly in the classic early 'Leccy Wizard mould..  Downtuned to a comfortably numbing frequency and excavating all the doomier than thou riffage you could possibly desire..  Somewhere towards the end of the sixth minute those blotters audibly kick in and things shift gears into Phase II..  Taking a much mellower approach and jamming out ten minutes of lysergically loose space rock.  Finally collapsing into delicate washes of fragile sounding wah-wah and distant vocal echoes..  Cosmic!  Orange Goblin next with more of a 'traditional' stoner rock sound going on..  Dishing out one original song and a Sabbath cover.  Straight forward, head-nodding chug-a-lug rock on the first track with a good 'tight but loose' feel to the jams.  Then it's a decent enough cover of 'Hand Of Doom' but unsurprisingly, it's not like it blows the original away or anything!  The Wizard wins this one with ease!

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