Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blaze Of Incompetence

A scar-tissue covered knuckle sandwich of vitriolic face-flattening grooves next..  From LA's chroniclers of the depressing chaos that is daily life: -(16)-..  Here's their '97 'Blaze Of Incompetence' full length released on the label that always liked to deliver the dismal goods: Pessimiser Records!  Taking their initial Helmet and Fudge Tunnel inspirations (the disc was produced by Alex Newport)..  Then shoving them through the meatgrinding influence of innumerable sludge and hardcore bands..  Being able to dip into a mixed bag of inspirations always helps and this means the 11 tunes rarely drag..  In fact there's not many trudging doom riffs at all on display on this 'un..  These dudes are more inclined to jam out prolonged sections of dissonant guitar patterns, underpinned by heavy rolling bass riffs..  Far closer to noise rockin' methods than anything else..  First hand observations from the dejected frontline of manifold personal failures form the basis for the unsentimental synonyms that are the lyrics..  Simultaneously regretful and resentful, they never fail to convey the befuddled sense of futility that strikes us all at one low time or another..  Legendary in some circles (i.e. my house!) for their revolving door policy of members passing through (and sometimes clean away!)..  Take your pick from a selection of disappearances, OD's, rehab and general burned out apathy..  So, self medication as a pseudo salvationary approximation of a silver lining?  Why not..

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