Monday, 6 June 2011

Wiped Out!

We've had a couple of punkers on the bounce so... Now one for the headbangers!  It's the 1980 debut single from Newcastles's Raven, two tracks of irresistible early NWOBHM (or 'Athletic Rock' as the band preferred at the time)!  Sporting a much sharper and more powerful production then the majority of their metallic contemporaries, the band sound intensely tight, yet relaxed and playful throughout.   The economy of the arrangements, speediness and semi unhinged screeching lets you know that the '70's are definitely over pal.  But as they'd been playing together since '74 (!) traces remain in the sound.  They simply streamlined their riffs and raised the tempo (and consequently the bar for fast bands everywhere at the time).   A double whammy of non stop chugging power and infectious screams that should have you snapping ya necks frantically next time the beers are flowing!  Only managed to pick this up fairly recently, but I'm already cursing the fact that my cash was 'Wiped Out' before I'd spotted their 'Rock Until You Drop' LP was there too!

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