Saturday, 4 June 2011

What've You Got To Smile About?

Bishop's Stortfords's very own Epileptics, that's what!  Recorded live September '79 and released in '81 this is a good example of how ineptitude is no barrier to producing fine music.  Another slice of UK DIY enthusiasm!  You'll hear the drummer finishing songs early or the bass player dropping out etc, but this only heightens the swirling tension that the songs possess.  These guys had turned into Flux Of Pink Indians by the time this was released and 'Tube Disaster' appears all polished up on their 'Neu Smell' EP which came out the same year.  Colsk's vocals just sound incredibly mocking as he sneers his way through the four tracks, while the band scuffs out a solid monotonous droney thud behind him.  So obnoxious, you half expect the band to kick their way out the speakers, pogo on your face and then guzzle all your booze.  The bastards.  Make sure to check out the insert scan for a hilarious letter to the band from the director of the Triad Leisure Centre where this was recorded, "If I had my way, everyone under 21 would have their arms and legs amputated at birth." genius!

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