Wednesday, 8 June 2011

War Of The Lords

Quick! While we've still got that taste in our mouths..  Let's have another dose of D-Beat poisoning...  This time, it's Spain's Human Bastard with their 2005 'War Of The Lords' EP.  There's no fucking round here whatsoever, these freaks know exactly which of the rules work and they milk them shamelessly.  Nice job boys!  The rawness is pronounced but captured crisply, the vocals are a guttural imploring roar, they've noted we only need a couple of riffs per song as long as they hit the spot and the lyrics are brief, to the point statements.  So far, so good!  The solos on the other hand are what shoves this four tracker into the near transcendental, having just the right juxtaposition of manic widdle and monged out scree.  If you follow me...

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