Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Voice From Far Away

Time for another sludgy slap round the chops I think!  Here's the 7" split between Japan's Hellchild and the U$A's Bongzilla released by HG Fact Records in 1998.  Hellchild initiate the onslaught, hitting us repeatedly with incessant deathgrooves.  Clobbering you over the head constantly like a crack addled caveman with a gnarled tree stump for a club..  Seriously, this sounds like a death metal band who've been told that they're not allowed to hit the blast beats anymore and they're pissed off about it.  They keep it to the point though and don't stick around any longer than it takes to steamroller you flat.  Bongzilla slow things down further, throwing out a thick sluggish fug of lackadaisically toasted smoke ringed riffs on side 2.  Deceptively tight as always, 'Witch Weed' is definitely one of their better later period tracks.  There's enough low end in the mix this time to give their sound the density it requires and the rhythm section is really locked in.  But it can occasionally betray their tendency to drift rather aimlessly around once they've established an invariably weed worshipping theme..  Sure enough, before you know it the time has passed by pleasantly and you arrive at your journey's end bleary eyed, a little bedraggled and not entirely certain where you left your keys..

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