Friday, 10 June 2011


13th post.  So let's have some bong blasted cosmic horror doom from beyond, courtesy of Dorset's mighty Electric Wizard.  This was released on the short lived Bad Acid Records back in 1998.  Like so many other of the Wizard's finest tracks, these two epics seem to musically mirror the physical and mental effects of drug experiences closely.  Few bands were as candid or confrontational about their consumption as this portentous power trio.  From what I recall from interviews circa this recording, the tracks only came together in the studio when the acid kicked in...  Literally!  So, we have two long foreboding tracks jammed out into inner space.  Lovecraftian themes predominate in the title track, which seems to deal with an (accidental?) invocation/awakening of the Ancient Ones (much like a number of H.P.'s stories).  While side B is the comedown, as the literally burnt out psychonauts keep grinding out the shuddery sledgehammer slug riffs while the panning and phase keep spinning further and further into chaotic delirium..  Definitely the soundtrack to a drugged out doomster's daily excuse for substance abuse.  Well, it's always worked for me...


  1. beast man. i bought the re-release of this on southern lord. back in the days when my dole would go on a quart of rocky and a sludge album from probe. beast.

  2. It's an absolute monster that's for sure! Yeh, that situation sounds very familiar.. and for me this was one of THE soundtracks for some hazy nights n lazy days!