Saturday, 4 June 2011

Someone Buy I Gurt Pint

Yes, well, I can never decide which Disorder EP I love the most so here's their third seven incher from 1983 for your consideration as well.  Only half the band remains from 1981's 'Complete Disorder' EP (guitarist Steve and the drummer Virus), but Taf who nowadays is the longest serving member makes his debut.  Don't worry though, they still sound like demented drunken cavemen bashing out bone shaking (non)musical butchery!  Some of my favourite Disorder songs are on here, you've just got to love their cover of 'Three Blind Mice' ("That's about the sum of my musical education!!")!  This EP has that 'clean bass crossed with trebly fuzzed out guitars, thumpa thumpa drums and a nutter on the mike' sound that you associate with Disorder and which Chaos UK, Confuse, Swankys etc took inspiration from and amped up into noise oblivion.  In fact the next (noisier, faster, heavier) wave of UKHC was influenced by this and would take most aspects of the Disorder sound to their (il)logical conclusions of  'extremity' (for want of a better word).  But that's a different story.  How about that cover as well?  Got to be nearly as ripped off influential as Discharge's 'Realities Of War' by now!


  1. Don't know why the 30 year old memory just popped in my head but I typed 'buy I gurt pint' in a search engine and arrived here.

    'Someone buy I gurt pint, someone buy I gurt pint' ...

    1. what does buy i gurt pint mean
      and also what does cider i up landlord mean

    2. buy I gurt pint means buy me a nice big pint my good fellow. Cider I up landlord means, would the owner of this establishment furnish me with a generous supply of cider please.