Friday, 3 June 2011

Seattle vs Portland

The third in a series from the Regal Select label this came out in 1992.  Ya gonna get a tasty slice of grunge n garage punk on each side.  Portland's Calamity Jane have a shark themed stomper to open the A side, they blend grunge with a noisey punkish riot grrl feeling and went on to support Nirvana & Poison Idea (at the same show!).  Then Rancid Vat follows it up with their scum flecked garagey rock, letting us know they're only happy when they're breakin' bones (according to the sleeve the finger snapping ditty in question was penned by Adrian Street, a World Famous Wrestler who glammed it up as well as slamming it down back in the day)!  Okay, Seattle side B breaks out with one of my fave Mudhoney tunes, a tongue in cheek sleazy stampdown that grinds out a gnarly chorus riff and a pretty sweet solo.  They keep everything short and to the point and don't take it too seriously, bonus!  The Night Kings finish us off with their bug eyed ode to black coffee this is a real monster fuckin smash thump rattle run through of jittery guitars and palpitating drum kits rhythm all pulsing and pounding as that black fluid seeps out the floor and oozes out your skin and Rob Vasquez is screaming again winding down then cranking it back up catch a breath get the fuckin kettle on, Seattle wins (again)...

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