Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sacred Predictions

Hailstones in June, predict that!  Ah, the bleak British weather..  Puts me in the mood for some more derisively droning doom actually.  Sure enough it doesn't get much doomier or more disparaging than this one brothers and sisters.  It's Seattle's Burning Witch and their 'Towers...' EP.  Captured in all their magnificently anti human mordant misery back in '96 by Steve Albini, but not released until 1998 on good old Slap A Ham Records.  Between these guys and Eyehategod you've pretty much got the sonic territory for the next 10/15 years of sludge/doom mapped out!  Theirs is a sonic template much imitated (just like EHG's), but really, so very few can drag themselves down through the necessary depths of degradation and despair and return in sufficient health to render the often startling results.  Alternating between bouts of slow motion riff suffocation and a nodded out sickly droning ambience.  Edgy 59's voice similary slips between a hysterical horrified shrieking and ominously incantatory intonations.  The Witch manifested a palpably unhealthy headspace, sneeringly daring you to enter the accursed realms of their raven dark psyches to await the inevitable gibbering insensibility and/or death by slow asphyxiation, as they saw fit.  Who could say no to that?

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