Monday, 13 June 2011

Remove The Dead Bodies

Let's increase the fetid stench factor just a tad.  I'd like to introduce a heavy dose of twisted filthy sickness to you if I may.  Here's some punkified rockin' shenanigans of death, with just a hint of crusty doom for good measure.  This was an Autopsy side project (Chris molesting the drums and Danny does bad things to the guitar) recorded in 1993, but not released until 1997 on the the Relapse Records singles series.  This sounds (unsurprisingly) somewhere between 'Shitfun' era Autopsy and early Abscess.  So, that means raw death metal injected with a dirty needle sharp sense of stripped down hardcore punkish songwriting.  That was one of the things that set Autopsy apart from the rest of the death metal pack, their songs never felt like just a hastily assembled collection of riffs.  Decrepit lurching grooves devolved, hand in skeletal hand with a decayed morbid atmosphere to match and as infamously heavy stoners they were never afraid to mix things up with some doomier passages. You get a condensation of that virulency here.  Whenever you've got Chris Reifert on the skins you know he's gonna back up every riff with that sickening loping swing.  Like a savage lumbering lummox catching your eye at the bus-stop and stumbling towards you with a blood curdlingly murderous glint in his eye and a bowel looseningly ominous bulge in his pants..  Huge, sausage fingered paws outstretched, grasping for your skull and squishy bits..  Then, brow creasing with disbelief and turning round, you step on the bus and the doors close in the slavering sub-moron's face.  The overwhelming sensation is one of disturbed revulsion at the depravity displayed, fringed with a borderline panic of bodily contamination.  Followed by a sense of relieved voyeurism at escaping (relatively) unscathed and a curious urge to repeat the experience until disgust sets in.  Thanks for that lads.

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