Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Here we go with another unsubtle slab of surly, snarling, anti-social UK aggro.  The 1997 split between Leeds' Manfat and Nottingham's Hard To Swallow issued by our pals at Flat Earth Records again.  HTS featured two Iron Monkey members (Justin and Jim on drums and gits respectively) and they have some heavy wah-wah-ed out groove sections to mix up with their dual vocalled Deadguyish discordancy.  Filtering this dissonant approach through an intense, fast hardcore feeling or an enraged powerviolence-esque sensibility to arrive at their destination of intimidatory audio destruction.  Manfat on the other hand have a much more menacingly considered approach to mangling your mind.  They remind me a lot of -(16)- with their druggy repetitive mauling of Helmet style grooves.  Tightly controlled sludgecore riffs coil and expand colliding with a methodical machine like precision.  While the vocalist Bri delivers his on the brink sermons of despair and confrontational desperation.  This gives a bruised 'n' battered edge to their music, imbuing it with an impersonalised and systematically alienated feeling of embittered dead end existence.  Sometimes life really is a cruel joke hidden at the bottom of a wet bag of shit..

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