Monday, 6 June 2011


Well then, how about a quick all killer no filler post of the infamous Bad Brains then?  Righto.  This is a live boot that came out in the early to mid '00's, I think I picked it up at a gig in the 1 in 12 round 2004 maybe?  Anyway, what ya get is three tracks capturing the Brains consistently ripping it up and spanning one of their most vital periods.  Two blasters ('How Low Can A Punk Get?' and 'You') on the first side recorded live in California in '82 and a more measured yet no less potent chugger ('Re-Ignition') live in NYC '85 on the flip.  Not much info turns up online for this EP, released on Mumboclaat Records with a hand stamped A side.  But ya just can't go wrong with this 'un.

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