Thursday, 23 June 2011

Planet Of Pot

We're staying firmly focussed on outer space for another one, so keep squinting!  'Getting Warm On The Trail Of Heat' is the 1998 LP from California's Spaceboy.  These weed obsessed guys n gal featured ex members of The Fucking Champs and B'last, only in this project they're giving voice to their intergalactic fixations.  What we have here is spacey, mathy, stoner prog metal.  Maybe they're trying to reflect the insanely complicated equations that express or represent cosmic activity here?  Well...  Who knows, cares or dares to dream?  Not me pal.  What I can tell you is that complex time signatures abound and there's plenty of synth like space and some neat jazzy segues unfurling between the bewildering barrages of precisely executed riffology on display.  Everything seems infused with a shiny, red eyed psychedelic feeling of constantly unfolding as they pull up a smoke saturated bucket (or ten) of their influences and former bands.  The band exhales dense sections of burly hardcore, post rock and surprisingly sick metal at times, all a rollin' along with unstoppable momentum and brimming with intensity, topped with non stop noodling guitar flourishes.  For a more dramatic effect they juxtapose the unsettling fervour of these parts with the contrasting dream like placidity of the inter-track interludes and extended intro/outro's.  Balance, it's called.  Just in case you're so blitzed that their unsubtle advocacy of THC intoxication flew over your head, song titles like 'Return to Cannabis Island', 'Pink Domain' and 'Stoner Fort' might give you an idea of where their (green, sticky) hearts and lungs lie!  That's one creepy little green kid on the back sleeve as well...

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