Monday, 13 June 2011

Never Healed

Here's another masterpiece of unabashedly unmusical mayhem for your bleeding brains and mangled ears!  Nottingham's premier purveyors of full throttle UKHC, it's Heresy with their 1986 flexi 'Never Healed' EP.  Recorded and mixed in four and a half hours and it certainly shows...  Six sizzling tracks of lo-fi hardcore thunder from the high energy hardcore masters!  That so much of the power on this record emanates from the drums is remarkable really, especially considering at the time 'producer' Chris Price insisted to the band that the 'drums were not meant to be played that fast'!!  Despite his best efforts at sabotage, Steve's awesome playing skills, as demonstrated on this EP really are the driving force of the band.  Sure, the vocals are mixed really low as well, so much so that Reevesy sounds like an enraged yet slightly bewildered drunkard of some kind, bellowing to be heard in the distance over the band's blazing racket.  But that just ends up bringing your focus squarely back to the music.  Expect explosively fast (for the time!) blast sections that always seem on the verge of (yet never actually) dissolving into chaos, contrasted with the occasional collapse into mid paced primitive chugging.  This is markedly more metallic than either their earlier incarnation as Plasmid or the post-Reevsy period of ever increasing USHC worship but it remains (to my ears) their most essential offering.  Quite simply, it never veers too far from the all out rabidly thrashing hardcore mania that we know and love them for...

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