Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Last Sunset

Let's get heavy.  Portland's Hellshock with their first stand alone release (I think the split with Consume came first?) from 2003.  When these guys joined forces they really came up with an explosive mixture of styles.  While this doesn't match their first LP's sheer destructive power and sense of desolation, all the fundamental elements are in place.  It sounds like they're teasing out the potentialities of the sound they're producing here.  Combining early English style Crust/Anarcho Punk (Antisect, Amebix etc) with European Thrash (Sodom, Destruction) and infusing it all with Hardcore power and urgency, a formidable concoction!  It's probably not surprising when you consider some of the bands that spawned these guys, (Atrocious Madness, Remains Of The Day, Detestation, WarCry, MassKontroll, Bacteria etc etc) a who's who of killer crust and punk!  Released on the Whisper In Darkness label run by Frank formerly of Atrocious Madness now in the equally excellent Lebenden Toten, he also had a dark little Lovecraft/Punk zine called R'lyeh Rising as I recall.  Hmm... Cthulhu fhtagn!  For some reason I always found this record worked better if I spun the longer B side first, but it does the job whichever way you spin it...


  1. man there second album blowsss, such a disappointment.first few eps and album were kiler. mik :0

  2. Yeh feel the same, just couldn't get as excited over anything they did after that first lp, still they burned pretty fkn bright for a while there!