Sunday, 19 June 2011

Just Another Warsong...

I don't know about you, but I definitely need regular doses of rabid d-beat dementia to get me through the week. So, on that bombshell (ouch)..  Fresh from the quarantine ward: what about some Brazilian one man(iac) Dis-Beat Crust Horrorcore?  Here's a double whammy for ya.  Two of the Best (ouch x2) from the relentless (anti)warmachine that is Besthoven!  To spark the initial border crossing conflict it's the 'Just Another Warsong' EP from '03, jointly released by Cries Of Pain and Plague Bearer records in the US and Europe respectively.  Dropping six dirty bombs of Scandinavian streaked raw punk on unsuspecting civilian ears.  None of yer ridiculously slick 'stadium' crust here, just crudely carved d beat hardcore!  Remorselessly hacked out with that trademark (jointly held with Kawakami (RIP) from Disclose) monomaniacal fixation on a rigorous observation of the 'Dis' aesthetic.  So what you get are seemingly endless elaborations on a singularly interpreted theme.  For an (un)developmental comparison it's followed up with 2008's similarly six tracked 'Visions Of Hell' EP released on Abuse records.  Go on, see if you can gauge the progression!  Five years down the line and he's still pumping out even more relentlessly Discard and Anti Cimex flecked cacophonic convulsions!  Some may find the monotony of this approach to the medium (in general) insufferably dull and utterly bereft of inspiration..  Maybe.  Others see in the metaphor a musical mirror held up to reflect the numbing repetition of an ever increasing number of civilian casualties and a meditation on the escalating human cost of perpetual armed conflict.. But then again..  Maybe not.

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