Thursday, 30 June 2011

Jundland Wastes

Here's another satisfyingly shortish slab of slow motion sickness, backed up with a dose of dirty, ugly snarlcore..  Released in 1996 on Bovine Records, it's the split between San Francisco's DeadBodiesEverywhere and Cupertino's Noothgrush.  What d'ya know?  California really did know how to party!  Firstly, Noothgrush bring the smoked out despair of doomed Star Wars nerds everywhere to your ears.  Most of their songs seem to deal with: smoking weed, watching Star Wars and being depressed...  So I guess the idea to form the band must have come to them when they ran out of weed to smoke..  During a blackout..  In the middle of one their umpteenth marathon Trilogy viewing sessions..  Then they got depressed..  Coz under the cover of darkness, the fat one had hoovered up all the pizza on the sly..  Or something.  In short, it's dreadlocked doomcrust from Californian Dust Warriors: destined to drain your waning enthusiasm for life...  For seconds it's DeadBodiesEverywhere lurking on the other side.  Giving us two terse tracks of grubby, rumbling hardcore that breaks out into the occasional nasty rash of uncomfortably itchy grooves.  Not entirely sure what the fuck they're going on about here..  But, it should suffice to say their anguished expostulations sound sufficiently irate..  Enraged enough for their lyrical impenetrability to not really matter..  As their splutteringly disgruntled incoherence doesn't hang around long enough to encourage deciphering or further contemplation anyway...

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