Wednesday, 15 June 2011

(I'm) Stranded

Next up...  We'll have some of that original tastin' old school Aussie punk rock n roll, if you please!  Don't sweat it though brothers and sisters, it's an undisputed classic this time..  The 1977 debut LP from Brisbane's finest stamp on your face funsters: The Saints!  I'd like to say how unique a band they were/are, if that wasn't over simplifying things to the point of descending into incorrect twaddle..  Thanks partly of course to the parallel degenerate development of a certain Radio Birdman from Sydney!  I suppose thinking about it, there was a particularly pesky bunch of punk pretenders, all posing hard with the same surname round the same time from NYC..  Begins with an 'R', ah, it'll come back to me..  Not forgetting to mention that ol' Cleveland connection with the Rocket From The Tombs / Frankenstein - Stiv + CBGB's = Dead Boys equation type thing..  And oh yeah, what about Electric Eels!?  Their single's from '75 isn't it!?!  And hey!?!?  There's that proto punk band Death from Detroit!?!?!  They recorded their shit in '74!?!?!?  And pressed just 500 copies of their one and only 7" in 1975!?!?!?!  And hey!  Actually.  Never mind all that..  In fact..  Shut The Fuck, UP!!   Okay, our sanctified antipodean brethren initially came together as the fairly kick arse sounding combo Kid Galahad & The Eternals (!) in '73, then they changed their (immaculate) minds and (blessed) name to The (Almighty, look.. you get the point) Saints in the seraphic (sorry) year of '74..  I started to say unique, simply because they were active as a group and started to sculpt their own sound early enough to be influenced by and conceivably be classified as (what came to be defined as) proto punk..  But hey, this is all pretentious posturing and a load of blustering bollocks anyway..  It's gone unsaid for all the posts so far, but it's bound to be repeated.  For maximum results...  Crank it up loud!! 

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