Monday, 6 June 2011

Gettin' Heavy

Let's keep the NWOBHM rolling for another one.  Here's Witchfynde from Derbyshire with their first single from 1979 to satisfy your early metallic cravings.  Another cleanish production (they actually picked the studio because Def Leppard's 'Getcha Rocks Off' EP had been recorded there!) but there's a thinness to the guitars this time (the Leppard effect?) that conjures up more of a late 70's basement metal feel.  Not as doomy as I'd been hoping with such an 'evil' sleeve, but there is an ever present undercurrent of Sabbath and other clumsier '70's heavies in both tracks.  Again you'll get the faint whiffs of heavier things to come if you sniff listen hard enough. They released an LP with the same name and cover in 1980 then hit the road playing with the likes of Maiden, Motorhead, Girlschool and Saxon amongst other metal monoliths. Enough with the trivia already...

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