Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fuck Fresno!

Heads, ears and necks ready for some schizoid, breakneck hardcore thrash then?  Thought so.  Fresno, California's Straight Edge Kegger's first 'full length LP' from around '06 skitters through 16 tracks in about 16 minutes, (hopefully) leaving you (even more of) a drooling, twitching halfwit.  Just like me.  This is super speedy, snotty female fronted Schwarzenegger Era Hardcore shrieking with the spitefulness of small town psychosis.  Though Fresno certainly ain't out in the sticks by any means, they sure can channel that ol' time alienation baby!  Anyways, there's certainly no love lost between these guys n gal and their home city...  Like four brain damaged hate apes, minds mangled on meth, mainlining cheap booze n blunts and set on permanent blast speed.  They serve up a teeth grindingly fast n loose version of 'Minor Threat' for your consideration, oh yeah and try to keep an ear out for the Governator on the last track!  Along the way the guitars regularly deconstruct themselves into squalls of frantic feedback and noise but the hyperactive drums tripping over themselves and the obnoxious venom dripping from Meg's sarcastic mouth should make sure ya minds don't wander too much before it's over...

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