Thursday, 2 June 2011

Completed is order?

 Let's get the ball rolling shall we? And what if said ball was comprised of four skinny, sneering, acne drenched punkoids completely out their minds on as much scrumpy, glue, speed n spliffs as they could get down their gobs? Locked in a cupboard made entirely of shitty amps welded to half fucked drum kits and left to smash and shout their way out? Yes, it's Bristol's own Disorder with their first and finest 7incher. Captured in a studio in Bristol in 1981 they coughed and spat out this fuzzy phlegmwad of an EP into an unsuspecting world's hair, then laughed as it trickled down into it's earholes. The band seemed to gain their 'of the moment' vitality by existing in the contradiction of a controlled chaos. This they invoked through an obnoxiously ambiguous overt antagonism towards anyone / anything within gobbing distance. Though in terms of today's 'extremity' this can seem charmingly ramshackle, the sensation of constantly teetering on the verge of (musical and physical) collapse that they effortlessly conjure can make your head swim... But the underlying urgency of the delivery gives the songs a hectic propulsion that steers them home. Feeling unpunk? Four tracks of relentlessly primitive pummeling in ya punky places should change that in a hurry!

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