Saturday, 18 June 2011

Casualties Of Progress

Let's go go grind it up some more shall we?  This time around it's Enemy Soil from Virginia with their 'Casualties Of Progress' EP.  Recorded in '94 and once again released on the Relapse singles series in 1995.  With a demented drum machine providing the pulverising percussive power here, the two humans in the band produce a driving hardcore/grind hybrid.  Very near to the sound of powerviolence in places, Enemy Soil had definite links to that scene.  Appearing at one of Slap A Ham's celebrated Fiesta Grande fests back in the day and on the subsequent album those shows produced.  Gloomy social observations and incitements to insurrection are yelled and squawked over a barrage of downtuned rhythm and tempo changes.  The band clearly grasped the concept of dynamics and knew when to slow things down and when to step hard on the gas.  These guys formed in 1991 and were also to prove influential on a certain Scott 'Agoraphobic Nosebleed' Hull who was to start up his own nihilistically grinding drum machine project shortly afterwards in 1994.  Indeed, ES's guitarist/vocalist Richard Johnson (also responsible for the ace 'Disposable Underground' zine) would later (2002) be drafted into the ranks of the aforementioned Agoraphobically inclined Nosebleeders just in time to Stuff his Dope inside a Frozen Corpse...

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