Saturday, 25 June 2011

Almost Invisible

San Francisco's SubArachnoid Space seem a suitably titled bunch to assume navigational responsibility on our continuing exploration of inner and outer space.  Showcased here with their fifth release, the 'Almost Invisible' longplayer from '97.  Exploring a similar headspace in places to Japanese psyche veterans Fushitsusha, mixed up with the slow build droning riffs of 'IIIrd Gatekeeper' era Skullflower.  If that's a bit obscure for ya, maybe think 70's style improv space rock or kraut, loose but lucid y'know?  Six entrancing tracks in total, but really just two time dilatingly meandering pieces of dream like psychedelia.  The SubArachnoid Space heads were intent on complete improvisation at this point and the first four tracks here are recorded live in the studio.  The last two on the other hand capture the band spinning their narcotised audio tendrils into webs of somnambulant sound at a show in '96.  I remember when I picked this up on release, I must've spent every night for about six months drifting off to it...  Lulled anew each time by it's intrinsically drifting nature into a borderline state of wakefulness, drifting through the colourful twilight of absorbingly (un)conscious impressions thrown out by the band and floating (metaphorically!) up and down the emotional spectrum.  Enough listens for me to be able to draw the requisite parallels later on with my own experiences with psychedelic states of mind and the acute awarenesses they can sometimes engender..  Now, let's move on from this mud bath of muddled metaphors before we get bogged down in banal mysticism shall we?  Wipe your feet, but leave your shoes on.. You got the stench foot...

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